Bone Grafting


In order to provide a stable foundation for your new dental implants, you must first have an adequate structure of existing bone. Some patients have bone that cannot support an implant, for example due to a jawbone that is too narrow or shallow; loss of bone due to teeth missing for more than 6-12 months; cysts in the jaw; or infection.

In such cases, we can utilise modern bone grafting techniques to build up the existing bone. Bone grafting stimulates growth in your jaw bone through either natural or synthetic means; this will be tailored according to your individual situation.

We can collect bone from your own mouth and reuse it for grafting purposes, a simple method which can be done in the dental chair. Alternatively, synthetic materials are sometimes used to simulate growth of enough structure to secure dental implants.

Occasionally, for patients suffering very severe bone loss, we may need to take bone from another part of the body (such as the hip) and use it to build the necessary bone in the mouth for dental implants.

Each of these procedures is designed to grow new and healthy bone tissue that will support your new dental implants and restorations.

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