Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth (or adult molars) are typically the last teeth to erupt in the mouth; generally after the age of 16

These teeth frequently cause trauma for patients as there is often not enough room within the mouth to accommodate these new teeth, and they can easily become impacted.

Wisdom teeth extraction is typically required due to a range of problems associated with impacted teeth

These can include:

  • Repeated gum infection
  • Decay
  • Cysts around wisdom teeth which have not fully emerged
  • Distortion of bite

The procedure                     

Wisdom teeth extraction is typically performed under anaesthesia; depending on your case this may be local or general anaesthetic. Once the wisdom tooth has been extracted the gum is secured in place with dissolvable stitches, which should take around two weeks to disappear. The procedure can vary in length from simple extractions that take mere minutes to more difficult cases that can take up to half an hour to extract.

What can be expected after the surgery?

Most patients experience a little discomfort and swelling after wisdom tooth extraction. This is generally most apparent for the first three days after surgery and a diet of soft food is typically recommended for the following week. Our surgeons may prescribe pain killers and a course of antibiotics after the extraction.

What post-operative care should be taken?                              

At our surgical facilities based in Bella Vista and Westmead we recommend that patients keep the extraction sites as clean as possible for the first few weeks after surgery. It may be difficult to clean teeth around the sites of extraction and as such it is best to gently rinse the mouth with mouthwash or warm salty water, starting the day after surgery. We typically recommend patients take 5-7 days off work and avoid intense exercise during this time.

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